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The magic of the cinema at your event

Our creative team can design and choreograph bespoke events and spectacles that articulate a client's vision and set off its unique character. We can create events staged at diverse venues such as fairs, discotheques, hotels, commercial malls, catwalks, casinos, boats, festivals, and concerts.

A wide range of talent including actors, stuntmen, acrobats, dancers, circus artists, horseriders, martial-arts directors, magicians and scriptwriters, is available to order.

Nyumad can also supply and direct audio services, special effects, animal services and costumes to meet requirements for any project.







Some of our unique and original solutions have featured at :

pirates of the caribbean promo  Production and direction of the pirate show for the Nassica shopping center

unreal circus  Production and direction of the musical show for the 5th anniversary of Gran Plaza 2

The Alamo medieval fair  Production and direction of the medieval jousting tournament and show Excelsior

SICAB 2016 Production and direction of Caballos de cine - the noctural spectacle at the International Salon for Spanish Thoroughbreds

Presentation of the new series of The Walking Dead - provision of personnel and material to recreate an apocalyptic event.

Warner Park stuntmen and special effects.

Disney Land Paris stuntmen and event design.

IIFA Bollywood Awards , performance for the Academy of Indian Cinema.

FesTVal : Águila Roja on the red carpet of the TV Festival in Vitoria.

Warner Park  halloween direction


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