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Nyumad puts at your disposal several venues adapted to the many disciplines taught:

Our 1200m2 multipurpose room in Alcorcón is adapted to all kinds of sports, regular classes, action training and rehearsals for actors and specialists. The only multipurpose space in Madrid focused on action.

The Fedriani acrobatics and dance center: Located at C/ Conde de Vistahermosa 9, Madrid. A center dedicated to the practice of martial arts, acrobatics, dance, trampoline, etc ...  


Jero Garcia's boxing school:  Located at C/ Hilario bleeding 8, Madrid. Boxing and kick boxing in one of the most emblematic boxing schools in Spain, led by Jera García.  

La Princesa equestrian farm: It has a school that is highly prepared in the different modalities (dressage, show jumping, cross and horseball) where once you have started your path in the world of horse riding, you will discover which modality you are passionate about and together we will discover your great potential.  


The Yurok climbing center: Located on Aeronautical Street, in Alcorcón (Madrid). They have more than 1,000 square meters of facilities with a climbing wall with a rope area 12 meters high and more than 60 climbing routes, with 7 True Blue auto-belay systems, a bouldering area of more than 250 square meters with different inclinations.


Several tracks and circuits for work with cars and outdoor disciplines (climbing, parkour, high jumps etc.)

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