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Nyumad is in charge of creating an atmosphere for any kind of event, holiday or thematic party. These are some examples.


- Fear fair: a special attraction for the witch night.

- Aerial show: witches flying, spiders weaving their nets...

-  musical shows: a  fun scrypt with songs and dancers.

-  horror food truck: a  menu with terrifying and fun recipes

- Live rock band: the best original sound tracks.

- Atmosphere: at  unique party deserves a film atmosphere.


- Musical atmosphere with christmas thematic (the grinch, Santa claus' elves, Tim burton's christmas...)

- A little Three Wise men cavalcade.

-  Santa claus sleigh: followed by his faithful elf and his pony-reindeer. Santa claus will bring happiness walking through the mall with his sleigh. Photo call included.

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