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Nyumad SL, established in 2012 by Gregory Brossard and Cedric Sester, rises with the goal to cover production needs in  every action scene, helping every department of production and direction and insuring the effective management of resources. More than 15 years of experience in films, TV, spots and events.

Gregory Brossard

Founder of Nyumad, Action director, martial arts choreographer, horse master, stunt driver, action coach for actors and Nyumad stunt school manager.
With more than 15 years of experience, I have endorsed more than 200 jobs in Film, TV, spots and events as director and stunt coordinator. Stunt coordinator for 9 seasons of "Águila Roja", audience leader.
This last work gave him recognition over the other stunt teams due to the innovative way of making action scenes. Modern techniques, spectacular choreographies and an exceptional horse tame.
Designs action scene with production, direction and script departments, personal coach of actors for the action scenes and stunt student trainer.
Makes a strict tracing of his actual team to guarantee the maximum efficiency in shootings.

Cedric Sester

Co-founder of Nyumad, stunt coordinator and stunt actors department manager. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, I have endorsed more than 200 jobs in Film, TV, spots and events.
He has specialized in rigging, fight coreographer, fencing and directing and coordinating  stunt actors. He's the stunt coordinator of "Tierra de Lobos" since the second season confirming his permanence in the third.
Designs action scenes with the rest of departments also in charge of the training with actors and stuntmen to maximize efficiency in shootings.


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