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Vehicles and carriages

- Sale or rental of vehicles: cars, motocycles, boats, planes, hot-air balloons...

- Special vehicles transportation.

- Car care: vehicle maintenance during the show.

- Specialized personnel: mechanics, precision pilots, extras.

- Carriages and teams from all epochs.

cinema day

- Special atmosphere about cinema or a specific film.

- A great cobranding opportunity with production teams and fim distributors.

- Carriages, wardrove and historic film accessories showroom.

- Speeches and displays of special effects, atmospheric effects, make up, fictitious, weapons and impacts, pyrotechnics and human torch.

- Action show about a chosen theme with stuntmen and special effects.

- Digital effects sample in Chroma: interactive.

- Artistic video mapping: animated projection on a wall with artists (acobats, dancers...), achieving a spectacular effect, out of the ordinary, based on coordinated movements between projection and artist.

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