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The NYUMAD specialist school proposes an annual course from September to June during which students will receive training adapted to their respective 
levels in all three disciplines.

Physical Specialist (falls of all kinds, stage fight, run over, Bonzo, parkour, cables, etc...).

Equestrian Specialist (horseman, takedowns, drags, falls, wrestling, tumbling, carriages, etc...).

Mechanical Specialist (precision driving, rollovers, camera car, motorcycle, trailer, etc...).


Boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, kung fu, jeetkundo, judo,  jujitsu, krav maga, tricking, sports fencing, medieval combat and much more.


A good specialist has to have knowledge and practice  all kinds of martial arts and fighting styles in order to master stage fighting  with and without weapons. 


Falls from stairs, from heights, into the water, down an embankment, to the ground, with drag, against elements, with a bike, etc...

Falling without getting hurt is the essential basis of our work!


Pullback, descend, quick release, vertical dance, flight effects, superpowers are some of the skills in rigging.


Aerial control and rigging are part of the techniques that specialists must master. 


Running through the flames of a burning building, going through a fire curtain, being close to an explosion or just burning like hell.

the mythical  human torch and training allow specialists to better understand the risks and thus work with the maximum  caution  and safety


Precision driving, spins, Californias , jumps, 2 wheels, overturns with ramp or piston, work with specialists around or on top of the vehicle, motorcycles, stuntridding, falls, accidents.

the stunt driver is  essential  in a good chase. 


dressage _  or cowgirl, jumping, combat, jousting, falls, takedowns, turning, hitching and natural dressage or the art of whispering to horses.

A fundamental piece for movies , series and medieval jousting events.


Tours, jumps, receptions, grappling, precision jumps, swings...


The art of  displacement is essential  for a good specialist.


Incursion into buildings, displacement in pairs, in groups or individually. Techniques  tactical combat  and self defense.

A specialist has to master the handling of tactical weapons  of real fire and blanks. You must know their rules and security protocols


Somersaults, pirouettes, trampoline , trampoline , balances and much more.

For live events  or movies, stunts allow stuntmen to develop their strength, flexibility and endurance.


Lateral, medium, complete, double, with bike or motorcycle.

One of the toughest actions of our trade.


Explosions, fictitious, defenestrations, fire, body shots are some of the most common effects for a specialist.

Stuntmen and special effects are two close-knit teams on an action shoot

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