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Show performed by an artistic team formed by actors, stuntmen, profesional horsemen and, of course, horses.

Through three acts, come to the roman circus, medieval epoch and the far west with our show and live the biggest action scenes with horses.

Nyumad offers a complet show putting together the three epochs and also custome-made, by separated acts.


Music from around the world and horses dancing to the symphonic orchestra joined with video projections over a cibernetic fountain.

A game of questions and answers between a violenchelo and  a horse.

Horses in D minor -

Carousel -

Spectacular representation of dancing and taming with waltz.

Horse whisperers.

Wildness tame - 

Cossak tumbling, post-hungaria... acrobatics on galloping horses.

Cossak tumbling -

A music, horses and flamenco symbiosis.We encounter with the seduction of the dancer.

Horses "tablao" - 


An overnight equestrian show with fire, pyrotechnics, mapping, light effects and music.

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