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Musical fashion show

Fashion show with dance choreography and fight scene. Every thematic represented by acrobats, dancers, singers and stunmen. A bold and original proposal and a wonderful oportunity for cobranding.

Urban jam

Impressive samples of urban acrobatic sports and dances in one o several stages. Continuous actions in diferents parts of the compound.Posibility of dance workshop.


Live perfomance made by the best artists.


Urban dance par excellence


Acrobatic martial arts sample.


An example of the boldest tricks of this sport.

An impressive show with the best profesionals.


The best acrobatic version of the bycicle.



Demo of the art of urban movement.


Urban music keeps the rhythim of the show.

Batucada and capoeira

Enjoy the rhythym of the batucada with percussion intruments, altogether with our capoeiran acrobats, a prefect combination of music and dancing that will amaze the big ad the little ones.

Magic show

Close-up magic, stage magic or big ilussions. Houdini's tank, straitjacket escapism, laser shows, Indu pyramid with fire or swords, impossible predictions, David Copperfield' style disappearence...


A micro-circus roaming show, with jugglers, acrobats, unicycle, long-legged, wireman, clowns, magicians.

Aerial show

aerial dance performance, aerial fabric, rim, rope, fixed trapeze. Defay gravity with elegance.


A mobile multiadventures park  that you can install in any enclosure, with a 7 part gymkana. Sensations and securty guaranteed with our 8x14m structure. With our entertainers, technical and security team.

Big possibilities of cobranding and advertising actions with this striking, adaptable and fun activity with any thematic.

Puppet and storytelling

Tales, fantasy and assured laughs with our puppet show.

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